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Overview image of ScholarWorx campus.

Welcome Community Partners!

Building an engaging and persistent educational community is exhilarating—and we could not grow without exceptional partners. The perfect community partner for ScholarWorx Virtual Campus is:

  • Looking for a 21st century way to engage learners (many of whom have had their education disrupted in the last year)
  • Ready to work with learners and families from across town or across the world
  • Wants to expand technical and geographic reach
  • Seeking a community that provides myriad opportunities for instruction, services, and events—and is ready to grow with you
  • Tired of the lack of proximity and spontaneity offered by distance learning platforms
  • Finds the idea of combining VR, gaming, and education exciting

Sound like you or your organization? Wonderful! Please peruse our catalog below to see the spaces and opportunities available at the ScholarWorx Virtual Campus. We are constantly growing and looking for outstanding partners to join our community.