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Our Mission

The mission of ScholarWorx is to create an engaging, persistent community for local, national, and global education.

Partnering with educators, businesses, and organizations, we offer an interactive, virtual campus to learners of all ages.

Our Story

Born from the need seen by teachers and parents, ScholarWorx is reforming K-12 Education with the use of immersive, virtual reality learning on our newly built ScholarWorx Virtual Campus. We are building an engaging and persistent educational community.

The struggles of education in the time of Covid have been national and world news. Nearly everyone knows students, parents, teachers—or all of the above—who have felt frustrated and disenfranchised in the last year. Our kids have struggled their way through traditional schooling, online instruction, video conference lessons, and concurrent teaching in the classroom during the pandemic. What do today's students need?

  • Engagement in the form of meaningful lessons that speak to their world and current ways of learning
  • Preparation for their current educational challenges, as well as college and career readiness for beyond
  • Community in a culture of learning that embraces technology and exploration and fun

We can do better for today's learners by  jumping forward into their world, rather than stop pulling them back into ours. Education is the cornerstone of our society--and it needs help.

Say "virtual reality" to most adults in our world and they will think "game." A virtual reality campus does not spring to mind when pondering or discussing education reform. We need to inform the general public how virtual reality is effective educationally. Appreciably superior learning and retention, combined with engagement and social experience, is more than possible on this sort of platform—and ScholarWorx needs to get that word out.

To that end, we offer free ScholarWorx Campus tours on Tuesdays at 7pm, Thursdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 9:30am. (All times EDT.) We have been turning tourists to clients at a 29% rate, with the benefit of them having experienced a virtual ScholarWorx Campus tour.

Our Team

A pair of enterprising educators and moms banded together to create ScholarWorx.

Desirée Schell
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Karen Cangero
Chief Academic & Operations Officer

Teacher and mom of five, Desirée Schell watched with dismay as Covid-altered education removed engagement for many students. As a writer and artist and travel leader, Desirée missed delivering instruction using a multi-sensory approach that other chat- or video-based platforms don’t allow. Desirée began to look for a way to harness the current challenges in education, her experience in banking and marketing, and her love for imparting learning to making education better for our kids—and saw a ground-breaking opportunity in creating a safe, virtual, immersive campus for K-12. Desirée has invested her retirement funds into purchasing the ScholarWorx Virtual Campus and outfitting it for educational reform.

Fellow teacher and mom, Karen Cangero partnered with Desirée to bring ScholarWorx Virtual Campus to life amid the upheaval of education in 2020. A homeschooler who became an elementary and math teacher and SAT expert before returning to homeschooling during COVID—and the author of two books on using the Internet for kids—Karen taps into the incredible technology of today to make learning more relatable to our 21st century kids while maximizing impact. Having taught nearly every grade from K through 12 plus popular and successful SAT prep courses, Karen recognizes the importance of engaging students. Students who do are students who learn—and Karen plans to build ScholarWorx into a worldwide community of virtual learners fully immersed in our programs.